Quick Prototypes

Raspberry Pi Zero Based Robot

Creating prototype of any product or solution is very interesting. I had a dream to build a robot, hovewer I did not have enough time. Recently I decided to build one. Detailed description of building the robot is in the blog. Robot is based on Raspberry Pi Zero, which can do pretty high computational tasks and it has 4 Usb ports(I have soldered Usb hub to the board). There are many robotics projects based on arduino, but for me building robot based on arduino does not make sense. The performance of arduino device is not enough for image processing or any other more complex projects.

Links to the details.

C# and Microsoft Power BI

I worked in a two startups as an Intern and did my best use both of my knowledge in Business and Computer Science. Business Analytics is not only working with data, but also developing custom applications to optimize and grow the business.

Every business wants to know how it can increase revenues, real time performance and business volumes. In this project I developed client application which imports data from company main management software API, made data management and optimization and uploaded it to Microsoft Power BI.

Microsoft Kinect Image Processing and C# Development

In one of my Internships I did development on Microsoft Kinect SDK to scan objects in a real time and worked on object dimensions. It was not easy as I had to read a lot of research papers on image recognition and learn Kinect SDK with OpenCV.

One page Resume

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