Outdoo - DevOps

Outdoo - is social network mobile application for those who love challenges.
At Challenges inc. I have designed AWS infrastructure which is robust, high performance and auto scales.
Following is design structure of Outdoo AWS architecture design.

Mobile Back-end servers and Web applicaiton servers are accessible through Elastic load balancers, which terminates SSL connection and balances load between T2 medium servers.
All the data is stored on AWS S3 to decrease access time to the media and decrease load on the EC2 servers.
AWS ElastiCache (Redis) configured for mobile app back-end in order maximally decrease response time by utilizing im memory data store.
PostgreSQL works on AWS RDS which requires minimum time to start, resize capacity to increase performance and automate time consuming administration.

  • AWS EC2
  • AWS Redis
  • AWS S3

Web page challenges-app.com.

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