Findmypix - Team Lead, DevOps and Backend development

Findmyix - is an application developed for photographers to share their photos shot in the events directly to the event participants.
At Getimages LLC I have designed stateless infrastructure to serve mobile application and web application.

Back-end stack developed on AWS cloud in stateless manner to decrease cost, deliver solution as fast as possible and increase performance in case user base grows quickly.

Following is design structure of Findmypix backend. I cannot share source code of the project, however I can describe technologies used in this project.

The base of stateless architecture is Serverless framework. Whole backend for mobile application is built in python and AWS Lambda triggered from API Gateway. Web interface designated for photographers is based on Elastic Beanstalk technology provided by AWS.

PostgreSQL works on AWS RDS which requires minimum time to start, resize capacity to increase performance and automate time consuming administration.

  • Serverless framework
  • PostgreSQL
  • AWS Lambda
  • AWS S3
  • AWS API Gateway

Web page

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