Backend Development

At Challenges inc. I develop and maintain multiple backend solutions based Python Django and Ruby on Rails. Depending on specifications and requirements I implement python or ruby based backend solutions.

Python Django is mostly implemented when I need to integrate or use MachineLearning in the project. If there is a need for rapid implementation of the project without Machine Learning features I implement project on Ruby on Rails.

All of the projects utilize AWS cloud solutions to increase efficiency, performance and implementation pace. Projects are hosted on Kubernetes and Docker to increase cost effectiveness and overall performance.

For database I use Postgres most of the time.

PostgreSQL works on AWS RDS which requires minimum time to start, resize capacity to increase performance and automate time consuming administration.

  • Serverless framework
  • PostgreSQL
  • AWS Lambda
  • AWS S3
  • Python Django
  • Ruby On Rails
  • Java
  • Keras - Machine learning

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