DroneDetects - Project to make difference

DroneDetects - is a side project on which I am working as a side project to advance in AI and Machine Learning

DroneDetects is an autonomous drone solution which can fly autonomously in the designated area and can detect wildfire at the earliest stages with onboard Machine Learning Solution. The technological stack is built on Nvidia Jetson TX2 as a high performance embedded board, Convolution Neural Network (CNN) for fire detection, Pixhawk4 drone controller board, Thermal Camera, Depth Camera, and a Quadcopter Drone.

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Project consists of several parts:

1. Hardware - Nvidia Jetson TX2 for AI at the Edge and Pixhawk autopilot and Drone hardware.

2. I have trained a model to recognize fire and smoke which gives 96% accuracy for fire detection.

Model is based on VGG-16 Convolutional Network for Classification and Detection, it has perfect balance of accuracy and performance.

Web page www.dronedetects.com.

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